Vigilix Exceeds 7,000 hospitality and retail POS systems being monitored.

Vigilix, a leading provider of PCI compliant point-of-sale support software, is pleased to announce that now over 7,000 POS systems are currently being supported by Help Desks using Vigilix's support solution.

Delivered as a software-as-a-service application Vigilix provides point-of sale support providers with a PCI compliant solution for monitoring, alerting and remote control. Using the Vigilix Dashboard support personnel are able to have better visibility into the systems they support and the ability to take immediate corrective action.

"Since receiving our PCI compliancy from Trustwave, we have had a large growth in companies that are switching over to our solution" says Andrew Kurtz, Vigilix CEO. "PCI DSS has certain specific requirements related to access to remote systems for support purposes. Out of the box with no additional cost or labor, Vigilix offers the settings that are required to be PCI complaint such as two factor authentication, strong passwords, and encryption. By using Vigilix as a support tool, our customers are able to provide support in a more efficient and PCI compliant way."

About Vigilix, LLC
Vigilix is the leading provider of monitoring and alerting software and remote support tools dedicated to the point-of-sale industry. As the Total POS Support Solution, Vigilix Total Support Manager (TSM)/ Virtual Technician provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and remote control through a single web based user console. Help Desk operators have real-time visibility into the exact condition of the point-of-sale systems from an enterprise level down to a specific location. Using the PCI compliant secure remote control option, Vigilix RC, technicians can respond to alerts quickly, thus preventing small issues from becoming big problems. Delivered as a software as a Service application, Vigilix does not require additional software licenses or hardware for deployment.

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