Made in Africa: Introducing SAWA Shoes

First sneakers produced entirely in Africa from all African-made materials

We have always been told beautiful stories about Africa: the man of the jungle, King Kong and his beloved woman climbing the roofs of New York, Hakuna Matata!!! That was funny, wasn't it?

And we don't forget the stories for the grown-ups: the super-heroes of the IMF, the good souls of the World Bank and the top economists, convinced that the African Miracle is about to happen... one day or the other. That's also funny, isn't it?

The SAWA story belongs to a different kind. It is a story about people, a story about a challenging economy against the North to South flow. Purchase raw materials in Africa and transform them in finished goods... in Africa!

Here's how SAWA presents itself:
"We don't promise to donate part of our income to some charity association for each pair of shoes purchased, nor to build a pipeline towards Manhattan. Our shoes are made in Africa and will be made in Africa as far as you will enjoy wearing them. This is the only promise we make.

We spent time in Africa working on the brand, grasping the spirit of it. This was real fun!"

SAWA boasts a superior product with a social agenda to change the misconception of Africa and help foster economic growth on the continent. The brand communicates clean, fresh, corporate, casual, stylish, organic, original, simple, natural and made in Africa. Each purchase signifies a "Vote With Your Feet."

Excerpt from
"SAWA Shoes has launched around the world. Touted as the first sneakers produced entirely in Africa from all African-made materials, they're crafted by local cobblers in Cameroon. The company is hoping to lay the foundation for a sustainable economy by exporting finished products from the continent, as opposed to simply producing raw materials that are finished in more developed countries. A noble goal, indeed, but even if they weren't doing such good, the shoes alone are worth a look. Influenced by the omnipresence of second hand clothes in the Africa, the simple design will look as good with a pair of plaid shorts as they will with a summer suit -- which may explain why such influential retailers as Comme des Garçons (Tokyo), Wood Wood (Berlin), Black Block (Paris) and Dover Street Market (London) have all placed orders. SAWA Shoes are sold among other African products like soaps, matchboxes and notebooks that make little corners recreating the atmosphere of their country."