Careers in Social Media Marketing Combat Unemployment in the U.S.

Paid social media jobs are the newest trend in work at home employment

How Careers in Social Media Marketing Fight Unemployment in the U.S.

It seems that Facebook and Twitter jobs have now become the fastest growing segment of the work at home trend with rising unemployment and  woeful job markets these days.

Meet the Social Media Managers:

Those who have their ears to the ground in employment news are talking about becoming a social media manager and getting paid to do jobs on Facebook and Twitter, but what exactly are Social Media Jobs?

Fox 7 News Edge at 9 Reports - People are being paid to tweet, follow, make Facebook posts, and to keep businesses relevant. The best part - some are making 6 figures doing it.

Today in the highly competitive world of online marketing, more and more businesses are trying to grow and enhance their presence on Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube. Even local businesses from your area are creating Twitter accounts, Facebook fanpages and uploading videos to YouTube.

Social Media Workers earn money by
  • Posting and replying to comments on Facebook
  • Creating and moderating Facebook Fanpages and groups
  • Uploading and commenting on YouTube videos
  • Generating more ‘views’ and ‘likes’ for YouTube videos
  • Tweeting out special offers and promotions
These are all examples of social media marketing and the direction more and more businesses are now redirecting their marketing budgets toward.

Businesses as large as McDonald's and Coca-Cola and as small as your local florist are  hiring people just like you for social media positions to do the work on a part time or full time basis from home.

No prior experience is required and you can get started very fast with a career in social media. Smaller companies will pay to $35 per hour part time and $1050 per week full time and larger companies will pay anywhere from $100, $200 upward to $500 per day.

The best part is it only takes a few hours a day and most social media managers describe their job as "alot of fun". For those who are laid off, out of work, or just need to make extra money then this is a golden opportunity.

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