Fact Sheet - NPE Navien Premium Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heater

NPE Navien Premium Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heater
  • Navien’s 3rd-generation condensing tankless technology is designed to simplify installation and offer the best hot water experience through the highest Energy Factor Rating 0.95 and endless amounts of hot water. 
  • The NPE is the first tankless system that can utilize a home’s existing 1/2”gas line, for lengths up to 24’.
  • The NPE’s negative pressure gas valve and Duel Venturi system was developed to allow the use of previously installed ½” gas line for Navien’s NPE Condensing Tankless gas water heater. This system allows for easy retrofit of new NPE condensing tankless water heater where an old tank type water heater existed. 
  • The system can use 2” PVC Schedule 40, 636 (ULCS636) for Canada, venting for up to 60’, often letting the installer run a vent through the existing chase without requiring additional holes – reducing installation cost and hassle.  With 3” pipe will allow venting up to 150’. 
  • Gas orifice plates allows for easy field convertibility from natural gas to propane operation.   An additional LP orifice plate is included in the box for easy convertibility.  
  • ComfortFlow™ technology, used in the NPE, has an insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump, eliminates “cold-water sandwiches” and accelerates hot water delivery.
  • The system includes intelligent preheating technology which recognizes hot water usage patterns, to intelligently provide hot water even needed.
  • The NPE offers Navien’s condensing technology that delivers cooled exhaust gas and high-performance an Energy Factor of 0.95.
  • The NPE includes two stainless steel heat exchangers that provide longer life expectancy, as they are highly resistant to corrosion compared to copper heat exchangers.
  • The tankless water heater offers a user-friendly interface on the front of the unit making it easy to set, run diagnostics and view essential system information at any given time.
  • The NPE is designed to operate in high altitudes, up to 10,000 feet, ensuring maximum performance in any region.
  • The NPE system is designed for outdoor installation with an outdoor vent cap.  
  • The NPE is a fully integrated system, designed to provide a high-performance hot water experience.