Team of Primary and Secondary "Color Super Heroes" Make Their Debut: A Long-Awaited Reunion!

Happen, Inc. To Host Family First Saturday on February 6

Happen, Inc. will be hosting the "Family First Saturday" at the Cincinnati Art Museum on Saturday, February 6th from 1-4 p.m. This free event is titled "Color My World," and families throughout Greater Cincinnati are invited to attend.

According to Happen founder Tommy Rueff, "A focal point of this event will be a reunion of our primary and secondary colors during this event. This long-awaited reunion has been a long time coming, as these colors have been separated long enough. Let primary and secondary reunite - for without the primary colors, the secondary colors wouldn't even be around." Rueff added, "The Happen team has created color-themed, Super Color Heroes to represent each of the 6 colors, and each of them will be an integral part of this fun-filled day of activities. Each Super Color Hero has a unique personality as depicted by their color. Red, for example, is a bit hotheaded, Yellow is more mellow, and Blue plays it cool."

Rueff added, "We are also in the process of producing three 2 minute videos, which will debut on The Happen, Inc. and Cincinnati Art Museum websites as well as YouTube starting the week of January 18th. "This video will show viewers how the primary and secondary colors have "come together" in a big way!"

In addition to the colorful reunion, the day will include:
 A scavenger hunt throughout the Art Museum, where children find paintings and their favorite Super Color Hero
 The creation of a "Color My World" mural
 Making colorful prints in the Artworld Education Center
 Demonstrations with visiting artists Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio and illustrator David Little
 Story time with the Cincinnati Public Library

Happen, Inc. is an innovative non-profit organization that was founded in 1999. Happen's programs create a positive environment for parents and children through art-related activities and experiences designed to strengthen both the family structure and the community as a whole.